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Location: Woodbury Common Premium Outlets: The Gap Inc, 498 Red Apple Court, Central Valley , NY 10917
United States
Categories: Women's, Women's Wear, Men's, Teen Fashion
Price Range: Affordable
Hours: Mon - Sun: 10 AM - 9 PM
Phone: (845) 928 3122
Web site:
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Gap is the quintessential American casual yet fashionable wear shop. Their focus is on fitting middle America with wearable standards that follow current trends and to do so at reasonable prices for even teen budgets. From the staples of khakis and T-shirts to more romantic dresses and carryable handbags, Gap tries to make sure that there’s something for every women and girl who visits their ubiquitous stores across malls in America.

Today Gap is under pressure on the cost end from Walmart and Target as they move upscale and on the fashion end from Zara/Mango/H&M who provide the latest trends faster and at reasonable prices.

In addition to the core Gap line, there’s Gap Kids and Gap Maternity for the little ones and the big ones respectively.

The Gap Outlet is perfect for those casual staples that are essential for your wardrobe – especially those little things like white tops or khakis that easily carry over from season to season.

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